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What you may see during one of my live comedy stand up magic shows !! Here are just a few!!


Comedy Magician performing magic tricks in the ohio canton, massillon, akron area


I hope that you will enjoy the show and have a laugh or two or even three  along the way. Please remember that there is nothing offensive in the show (Oh Darn) and it's designed for all ages. And if you don't understand a joke or gag, ask me after the show, and I will try to explain it to you.

Laugh and be amazed (at the same time ??) with the Comedy Magic of Randy.  You will witness live (I Hope) a few of the following magical miracles........

The Silent Treatment: Magic is the international language for all ages. But can you really do a magic trick and not say a word. Let’s find out.

My Awards: I always think it’s a good idea to let the audience know what kind of magician that they hired…… or maybe NOT!

My Favorite Jacket: I'd like to show you my favorite jacket. Someday I'm taking back to the store and pay for it!

My Grandpa's Trick.My grandpa was quite a magician too. I would love to show you one of his “not so famous” tricks. Warning: This could get boring!

Deal or No Deal:Do you like to play games. Good, then lets use your 50 dollar bill. If you lose, i have some very nice consolation prizes. Well at least I think there nice! You and the audience will think they are just funny. Well maybe not you?

Dead Ringer: May I borrow that very expensive looking ring? I promise you will get it back. If not, did I mention that I have some really nice consolation prizes for you. By the way, never trust a magician.

Under Lock and Key: I just love to give away money. Especially when it’s not mine. May I borrow that one hundred dollar bill please. Stick around and you may be the lucky winner of someone’s money.

Making the Right ChoicesMaking the right choice is very important for a magician. But I’m going to put the choices in your hands.if you make all the right choices, we’ll look pretty good. However, one wrong choice and you’ll look pretty bad. Notice I said YOU. it’s all up to you.

My Five Card Trick: I can show you the first magic trick I ever did in my first show in my parent’s basement. Just how good it is depends on the audience.  If you don't like it, I'll show it to you again ... and again ... and again ..... and again until you do like it! Come on, what do you expect from a kid.

Back In TimeWith the help of a pocket watch and my wife’s plastic pearls, please don’t tell her, she thinks they are real, we are going to attempt to step back in time and change the present. Believe me, it is possible.

My Rope Trick:One of the first magic tricks I ever learned was a rope trick taught to me by the great Mysterio. He wasn’t very good, but the rope trick is excellent. Just like he taught me some very valuable lessons in life, I would like to show you some real magic. .

The Casino In Your Mind::One of my favorite places is Las Vegas. Join me as four audience members take an imaginary trip to the wonderful city of Las Vegas to earn a fortune playing but a single hand of blackjack. But first hotel reservations must be made, plane tickets must be boughten, and some cold hard cash is needed. Is it possible that I know what’s going to happen ahead of time. I should, it's my trick! Come along and see.

My Eye-Pad:Let me find your thought of card with my new “eye-pad” computer. It’s the latest in card finding technology and never fails. Well almost never. Stupid Apple!

The Heart Felt Silk: :I need a happy couple, Well OK, maybe just a couple, to find the red silk. Remember it’s not that easy, it could be anywhere..OH not there!

The Vanishing Bandana Trick:: Ever wonder how magicians learn their tricks. Well let me show you, as together, we learn this amazing piece of magic from Cheap Trick Inc. Did I mention that tricks don't always go right? Especially from companies named Cheap Trick Inc. Sorry... No refunds.

Chinese Menu: I love Chinese food, how about you? Together we can take a trip to a Chinese restaurant and order dinner. So real, that you will be hungry again an hour later.Now is paying?

Mind Reading 101: I’ve been taking an on line mind reading course over the internet. It's called ESP (Not to be confused with ESPN?) How about I show you the advanced course first.Just let me know when it's safe to read your mind. OH, just keep it clean!.

Trip To Hawaii:I would like to show you a very dangerous trick, but my assistant is on vacation in Hawaii. But even though she is not here, she’s still going to help us. She sent pictures from the beach. Did I mention that she’s very good looking!

The First Cell Phone Did you know that the first cell phone was invented  in the 1920’s by a man named Campbell. I brought one along to show you. I even updated it to the wireless technology. And you know what, it even sends faxes.

Spoon Bending-  Did you ever try to bend a spoon? It's hard! Darn those plastic spoons. Now try it with just your mind. It's even harder! That's why I do it on paper. Hey I didn't say I was lazy, it's just more entertaining that way. I hope that you think so too.

The Chicken or the EggPick and egg, any egg. Just remember that one of them has a brand new (freshly made) 20 dollar bill inside Oh and don’t forget that, I get the last egg.

This Knots for You - Just a plain piece of rope, but oh so magical. See if you can learn this rope trick in this very funny "cut" and "restored" rope routine. All you need to remember is that this rope has two ends and a middle......

Old Glory: Nothing says magic show like a good old American flag. We’ll use a red, white, and blue silk to make one. How hard can it be. Now where's that magic bag?

Killer Prediction: Cards can end up in the oddest places, especially your personally signed card. Let’s find your personally signed card, determined by random audience members. I’ll guarantee you will be surprised at where it ends up.

The Shopping List: Since i retired, my wife has a lot of chores for me, including going to the grocery store. Is it possible that you and I are buying the same items. Bring your money and let’s go shopping.

Teleportation:  Do you believe in teleportation like in star trek. I do, and I can prove that it’s real. Beam me up Scotty!