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What you may see during one of my Formal Close Up Magic shows!! Here are just a few!!

Card Magician based in ohio performing card tricks for all occasions in canton, akron and massillon.

In my eye there is nothing more beautiful than amazing close up magic being  performed formally around a table. It is magic at it's finest. The thrill of performing difficult magic and making it look easy with the audience a mere three feet away is real adrenaline rush.

Locks & Bagels: I found some really wild cards and you will be very surprised what you can do with them. Now I just need to borrow a bagel? Say is anyone hungry?


Chinese Card Trick: Nothing is more mysterious than magic from the Far East. Nothing is also more complicated. Watch and learn some very mystic card magic.


Chinese Coin Trick: If you have a Chinese card trick, then you need a Chinese coin trick. Watch, if you can, how the coins seem to move around as if by …….. Magic.


World’s Greatest Card Trick: They don’t call it that just for the heck of it. Watch, as we learn together, truly, the world’s greatest card trick.


Color Blind: Do you have trouble telling red from blue? Perhaps it's not your eye's fault. Perhaps it's just magic! In this wacky card routine, you'll not want to forget to wear your special glasses, or you might miss a lot.


Eye Exam: And speaking of eyes, how long has it been since you have had your eyes tested. They’ll need to be 20/20 if you want to follow this amazing card trick.


My Signature Card Trick Every famous magician is known for something spectactular. David Copperfield for making the statue of liberty disappear, Sigfield and Roy for their white tigers, and the great blackstone for the floating light bulb. Well I too am known for something famous, My Signature Card Trick? What do you mean you never heard of it, it's world famous. Don't get out much, huh! Well I going to show it to you anyways, and then you will have heard about it. 


Cronolouge:Have you ever seen a perdiction so incredible taht you can't believe your eyes. Me neither! No just kidding, I have and I will perform it for you. In fact I will do two or three of them. Be prepared to be blown away. 


Lost and Found: It is said, that what was lost has now been found. What does that mean? I haven't the slightest idea, but I do know that I will find your three chosen cards in some of the most bazaar ways that you have ever seen. If not, I have an insurance policy that will pay you $100.00, in small unmarked bills, of course.


Game of Chance:The oldest game in the world in the sidewalk shuffle. It's known by many names, but no matter what you call it, you never seem to win any money. Don't blieve me, well step right up and oh by the way, bring plenty of money. 


Card to wallet :Card to wallet has long been my favorite card effect of all time and my go to effect. Join me as we watch your signed card travel to some unbelievable places. You are only limites by your imagination. 


Cups and Balls: Magicians are often known for their skill with the ever famolus cups and balls, a piece of magic as old as magic itself. Come help me perform this classic and beautiful piece of magic and be astounded.


Good Better & Best: Let me perform this amazing card 4 different times, each time making it harder, as 4 different magicians. Which magician will perform it the best? Stick around and find out.


The Magic Coin Box: Four coins and one box. We are going to put the coins into the box. Oh did I mention that we are going to do it the hard way, while the lid is still on the box!


The Tang Dyansty Tea Chest: The Chinese said that tea was more valable than a gold ring. What do you think? Lets find out, shall we. May I borrow that ring.


The 4 Aces: Every respectable magician has a good four ace routine, becauce the aces are a very recognizable memerable card. Well why should I be different! Let me show you mine and we'll see how it stacks up against some of the best you'll ever see. 


My Little Bunny Trick:  Magicians are known for theikr connections with rabbits. Well my bunny does card tricks! Let me show you how good he is. I only hope he doesn't make a mess of the table. 


Solid Through Solid:  Not since 1913 when the great Harry Houdini walked through a solid wall on a Chicago stage has a solid object passed through another solid object. Well that will change as I attempt to walk through a solid wall? No I'm just kidding! But I will show you another solid object passing through another solid object. 


My Famous Two Coin Trick:    I would like to show you my famous two coin trick. It's called that because it only uses two coins. Or does it? Please try to remember that it only uses two coins will you! 


My Colin Collection:  Does anyone collect coins. I do. I collect them so I can spend them. But I have three very special coins that once belonged to the great Harry Houdini. At least that what the guy said who sold them to me. And for what I paid for them, thet sould have belonded to Harry Houdini. They say that they are very special, let's see waht they can do!