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Why Is There Magic? By Randy Weidenhamer, A Magician From Canton Ohio

There are many reasons why there is magic in the world, and they all go beyond the values of fun and entertainment. The main reason, I believe, is that people never want to grow up or get any older. If we could only stay young and innocent forever, now that would be a magic trick. To be stuck in a time where life is a happy time, all the time, and we really want to believe in everything. A time when believing was important. We all feel this way at least once, or maybe a million or two times, during our lives.

There was that time in everyone’s life when the Easter bunny would come every Easter and deliver baskets of eggs and candy that would be hidden around the house and in the yard, Santa Claus would come down the chimney bringing lots of brightly wrapped presents to leave under the Christmas tree, and the tooth fairy would leave you money under your pillow for those old useless teeth that would fall out. Every child believed in these magical icons, and that were a very important part of their life. But alas there came a sad time when the magic died and reality was born. A time that everyone knew would come, everyone except you. And after a while, you accepted the hard truth and your life continued on its path to adulthood. Adulthood, where problems would become a regular part of your everyday life, replacing your dreams of Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and even the tooth fairy. Adulthood, where huge responsibilities took the place of chocolate bunnies, independence and role transitions took the place of Christmas presents, and money became more important than just the fifty cents the tooth fairy left you under your pillow.


But there was a part of you, buried deep down inside your very soul that refused to let go of these childhood beliefs. A part that you would never let go completely. This is where magic becomes important. That is where magic lives and grows. Magic is a way of filling that hole in your sole left by growing up. Magic is a way of healing the imagination from all those beliefs that were ripped from your reality. Magic is a recess from adulthood, at least for a little while. Magic will take you back to a time where you were sitting on Santa Claus’s lap or dreaming about what you might do with that fifty cents you were going to find under your pillow in the morning. Magic is exactly what we all need right now.


A magician’s job is to first entertain his audience and secondly to do some amazing magic to mystify his onlookers. If he does both of these tasks well enough, his audience will become children again no matter what their age, even if it’s just for a short time. But in that short time period, you are free from the everyday struggles of surviving and all of your cares are, to quote a famous song by Bob Dylan, “just blowing in the wind”. You are a kid again, believing in illusions, mysteries, and things that can’t possibly be reality. And when the show is over, you go back to being an adult again, but with a memory that you can keep forever. And if you ever need a break from the reality that surrounds you, you just need to think back to that magical memory and you are that child once more.