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What you may see during one of my kid's birthday party magic Shows!! Here are just a few!!

Randy performing local birthday magic for kids birthday parties in ohio

The Classic Children’s Magic Show

For All Ages


There’s nothing more magical than imagination when viewed through the eyes of a child. Their desire to make magic real goes beyond belief. Having a magician and a magic show at their birthday party is something that they will remember forever. But their wide eyes, gasps, and applause are something that the magician will remember forever.

Who could forget the wonder of endless items pulled from a seemingly empty bag and silks that jump to impossible locations and then turn into an elusive ball that changes in size, shape, and color? Coloring books that color themselves like magic, silks that appear right in your hands, and birthday cards that mystically turn into one giant birthday card are only a few effects that you will witness at my birthday party show. And don’t forget about having one lucky child have a chance to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Although my rabbit, Harry, is not real, he’ll seem like it to all the amazed children. And did I mention the alligator, bow and arrow, and the card that passes through your body into a glass bottle?

Why not put a little magic into your next birthday party, or for that matter, any celebration that calls for a party. All of my shows are "kid safe" and actively involve all the kids in the magic. They will have more fun than the adults as there is plenty of magical entertainment to go around. And don't forget that all the kids get a free magic coloring book, which includes 6 great tricks that they can learn to amaze their friends and family with.

The Jumping Silk: It’s easy to make the silk jump from end of the wand to the other end. But can we make it jump into the middle? Now that’s a good question!! I'll show you with my really cool wand. Did I mention that an elephant sat on my wand? 

The Mystery of the Little Red Ball: Magic is always a mystery. But the mystery is what makes magic exciting. See if you can watch close enough to solve the mystery of the little red ball and the little redsilk. I may get caught red handed!

The Amazing Rubber Band Trick: They say that only the great Harry Houdini could make a solid object pass through another solid object. Let me show you how it’s done.

The Magic Coloring BookAll kids love to color and all kids love magic. So why not put them all together! Let’s see, all we need to do is to produce some magic crayons, get a coloring book with blank pages, then make the pictures in the book, then make the pictures turn color, and then make the pictures and the crayons vanish. Hey this sounds easy!

Do As I DoTwo giant crayons and two tubes. All you have to do is everything that I do. And in the end you’ll be the star of the show. But remember, it’s easier said than done.

My First rope Trick:  I always wanted to be a magician. Let me show you how that dream came true.

You’re the MagicianA piece of black paper and a piece of white paper and we can do something really amazing. Want to be the star of the show,then just follow me as we will make a magic hat complete with a rabbit.

The Six Cards and a Bag Trick: I’ll need a pretty volunteer to help me with this trick so that everyone watches her and not me! She needs to hold the bag and make sure that it is "EMPTY" before the trick starts.  Oh by the way, this trick uses six cards and a bag.

The Magic PizzaThere’s nothing better than pizza. How about we magically make one appear. Now let’s see,where did I put that pizza. You’ll be surprised.

The Birthday Card: Did I mention that I wanted to bring you a birthday card, but I couldn't decide which one to buy you. So I brought them all ! And you ought to see what I can do with them !

Rabbit on the Hat: Can you help me magicaly pull a rabbitt out of the hat? Let's see, first you need a hat and then a magic wand and then..... and oh yea, did I mention that you need to keep that thought of a rabbitt on top of your brain. If you concentrate you can really do it.

The Amazing Hair Braids: Hey here’s one for just the girls in the audience.Did you know that you can do some “really Big” magic with hair braids? Allow me to show you and you can be the star of the show.

Rainbow Ropes: Did you ever see a piece of rope change colors? Well stick around and we will make three pieces of rope turn into one piece of multi-colored rope. Really,I’m not kidding.

Jumping Dots: Every magic show that I do I like to leave the kids with a magic lesson and show them how they can go home and make a magic trick. Let me show you the card that has 4 sides, one side with 1 dot, another side with 4 dots, another side with 3 dots, and another side with 6 dots. A card with 4 sides? Are you confused? Because I am.

Jumping Knots: Hey was anyong out there a boy scout. Not me, I'm scared of the woods and the bears. But I did learn how to tie a very magicalknot. Do you want to see!


My Dog Spot: I have a new dog and his name is spot. I brought him along, would you like to see him. I keep him in this little bag!

My Fraidy Cat Rabbit:  My new rabbit is a little scared to meet new people. Maybe you can help me get him to come out and meet everyone. 

My New Hat:  I just bought a brand new hat. Would you like to see it? It's a little small on me but it should fit you just right. But be very careful, it will grow on you and people might think you're a monster. 

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