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What you may see during one of my Mentalism Magic shows!! Here are just a few!!

Ohio mentalist performing mental magic shows for all ohio special occasions

I designed this show to illustrate the effects that your imagination can play in the world of magic and magicians. Without imagination we all lose a little bit of ourselves on the inside. I feel that this show will replenish that imagination in all of us, young and old alike. Come experience that unique feeling of being young again, even if it's just young at heart. And I hope that you can take a little of that feeling home with you and treasure it always. I do.

Within the deep dark areas of the human mind lies countless secrets and mysteries. Thoughts, ideas, dreams, or maybe even nightmares. These secluded enigmas may never be discovered, and maybe they're not suppose to be. But together we will reach into this endless abyss and discover what secrets it holds. I think you will find it quit amazing. Your invited to experience mentalism like you never quite experienced it before. Bring your imagination to your next party and come witness the Magic of Randy here in Canton Ohio. It's entertainment for all ages.

 Real Mind Reading: Some believe that mind reading is just a cheap parlor trick. Let me show you what it is like to have someone look into your mind and tell you what you are thinking. Is it safe?


Casino In Your Mind:One of my favorite places in the world is Las Vegas. Why don't you join me as we attempt to win a fortune playing one hand of blackjack. But we fist need some plane tickets, a hotel reservation, and some cold hard cash.  And of course a prediction that proves I looked into the future and saw everything that is about to happen. 


Cruise Control: Did you ever wish that you could take a beautiful cruise, but just could never make it happen for one reason or another. Well here’s your chance to take a magical cruise you’ve always dreamed of, even if it’s just in your mind.


Adventures Ashore: And during that magical cruise, you can stop and visit a multitude of wonderful ports during this unbelievable demonstration of mind control. Let your mind go free.


Chinese Dinner: Do you like Chinese food. Great so do I. How about we get six audience members and take a trip to Fung's Chinese Restaurant and order some take out. I already know what we are getting and the cost. I just need to know who is going to pay..


Purplexing Puzzle:Three colored bags in any order, nine orders in any order, and a completely random total. Yet I already know the exact total and I can prove it. 


Killer Prediction:Cards can end up in some of the strangest places, especially when they have your signature on ithem. Let me show you where your signed card is. But remember that the card was chosen by three random audience members. Was it really random? I can prove that it was. 


The Trilogy: Three unexplainable phenomena in one effect may be too much for the human mind to endure. So hold onto your brains as we attempt to go beyond reality with a deck of cards that don’t really exist.


Shopping List - Since I retired, my wife has lots of chores for me to do. One of them is going to the grocery store. I just love it! I have some cash and a shopping list. I bet I know what you are going to buy.